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I started my journey about four years ago and just fell in love with these markets. I created this website to share what I have learned and what my objectives are. With this, I hope to help you understand better these markets and give you some ideas of what to do to succeed in this field.

I just want to state I am not a financial advisor, I just want to share my experience, thoughts, and opinions on the matter.

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5 Best Trading Firms 2023

While Trading you have two options. You can either try to trade your trading account risking your money or you can try to trade a Prop Firm account. Where you normally have to pass a challenge to get access to this account. This is a growing space where are plenty of companies offering these services. So you need to know well which one it’s the one for you. I’m here to help you with this difficult choice of which Prop Firm it’s for you.

It’s not easy to pass these types of challenges and become a prop trader so we created the best tips to have in mind when doing a prop firm challenge.

Keeping an account in your trading history helps you track trade performance and improves your earnings. In exchange-traded journals, you can see patterns of successful trading. This guide will explain what a good trading journal is for and highlight the five best trading journals for 2023.