What is a blockchain Guild?

A Blockchain Guild is a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to furthering the adoption and development of blockchain technologies. Guild members come from all backgrounds, including developers, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, and others interested in exploring this new technology.

The main focus of a guild is to facilitate collaboration among its members by sharing resources, discussing ideas, providing feedback, and participating in blockchain-related events.

Through this network of blockchain enthusiasts, the guild also works to grow the blockchain ecosystem by encouraging innovation and education around blockchain solutions. Additionally, blockchain guilds can help members increase their understanding of blockchain technology and its applications.

What is BlockchainSpace (GUILD)?



BlockchainSpace Guild is a global blockchain accelerator and venture fund that helps startups develop, market, and launch their products. Founded in 2019, BlockchainSpace provides the resources, knowledge, and support needed to help entrepreneurs succeed in the ever-evolving blockchain space. With a team of experienced professionals and an extensive network of partners around the world, BlockchainSpace is there to help entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality. Whether providing access to top-notch advisors, connecting them with strategic investors, or giving them the tools they need to build their blockchain solutions, BlockchainSpace is here to help. So don’t wait any longer – join BlockchainSpace and get your project off the ground today!

BlockchainSpace also empowers the next generation of asset managers in the Metaverse by developing tools and providing financing solutions that allow PlaytoEarn Guilds to successfully scale their businesses.

Blockchain also offers products that provide valuable data, generate key metrics and automate administrative tasks saving guild operators time and allowing them to focus on scaling and performance. BlockchainSpace will be in a unique position to assess and extend credit to Guilds and Players.

If you would like to learn more about this great project follow the link to the main website: https://www.blockchainspace.asia



  • Peter Ing(CEO)
  • Felix Xing(CTO)
  • Sebastian Borget(Advisor)(TheSandBox president)
  • Colin Goltra(Advisor)(Binance SEA)
  • Jeff Zirlin(Angel Investor)(Co-Founder Axie Infinity)
  • Aleksander Larsen(Angel Investor)(Co-Founder Axie Infinity)



If you would like to know more about the super team behind this project follow the link:https://www.blockchainspace.asia


Important Partners and Investors

  • Aminoca Brands
  • Crypto.com
  • Infinity Adventures Crypto
  • Spartan
  • Yield Guild
  • Morning Star ventures
  • CoinGecko


Important notes:

Aminoca brands are a crypto asset and investment company that is dedicated to helping individuals around the world gain access to crypto assets. They provide user-friendly investment solutions with low risk and fees, allowing users to get the most out of their crypto investments. Their platform provides users with real-time market data, portfolio tracking and analytics, education resources, and more.

Crypto.com is a crypto investment platform that enables users to gain access to the crypto markets. The platform provides an easy and secure way for investors to manage their crypto portfolios with support for many of the leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Crypto.com also offers advanced features such as margin trading and, leverage trading.

Spartan Capital is a crypto investing platform designed to simplify the process of crypto trading and investing. They provide investors with powerful yet easy-to-use tools, advanced market data analysis, secure portfolio management, and guidance from their team of professional crypto traders. Their goal is to create an environment where users can easily access the resources needed for successful crypto investing.

Yield Guild provides crypto investors with a reliable source of income. The decentralized finance platform allows users to access crypto-backed loans, as well as high-yield returns on crypto investments. Yield Guild provides a secure and efficient way to earn passive income from crypto assets without taking on any risk. Through their innovative technology, users can lend crypto assets at competitive interest.


If you want to learn about all the partnerships follow the link: https://www.blockchainspace.asia


Token Economics


Token Economics


BlockchainSpace Future?

Guild is an amazing project with an excellent team and partnerships behind them. Guild also has a small market cap, with only a 10 million market cap for a project like this it offers a great risk to reward. A project with a team and partners like this can easily reach 300 million.

This project aims to save guild operators time, providing valuable data, and metrics and giving guilds access to capital thus allowing them to focus on scaling and performance.

This project will help to build huge communities and guilds which will be needed in the future.

If you believe in crypto gaming and the metaverse will be part of the future, this is for sure going to be part of it.

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Links to follow the project:

website: https://www.blockchainspace.asia

News: https://blockchain-space.medium.com



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