Sidus belongs to a new type of video game, one that implements a “play-to-earn” model. This concept gives players ownership rights over all in-game items and incentivizes them to play and progress through the game.

Sidus Heroes transports players to a whole new world in which technological advancements have reached a level where they have merged with all living beings, becoming one with them. The universe is inhabited by 12 tech-based races that represent different blockchains and are already familiar to the community Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanya, Polkacyon, and others. Just like in the NFT collection, character, features, and a Hero’s outlook on life are predetermined by the race he belongs to.

In the futuristic game, players can choose any role for themselves:

  • Some will go with violence and strive for power. Heroes can challenge other players to duels in the Battle Arena or build fighting legions and try to rise to the top as one.
  • Wanderlust souls will be able to spend their time exploring all corners of the metaverse and seek out many adventures while doing so. Heroes can equip their spaceships for long travels and pillage the galaxy as pirates plunder the seas.
  • Heroes with a creative bent can become builders and farmers, generally working to transform their little corner of the universe into an oasis amid the world of chaos.
  • Deep economics provides endless opportunities for manufacturers and merchants.
  • Born leaders can participate in the political life of SIDUS City. They can take part in political races, representing their people and lobbying for their interests.

SIDUS HEROES takes this concept to another level and extends the game’s reachability by being accessible in one click. They just have to open up their browser and type in the game’s URL.


  • DMITRY ANDREEV (Co-Founder, Art Director)
  • ROMAIN POVOLOTSKI ( Co-Founder, Game Producer)
  • ANTONY CHECO ( Chief of External Affairs)
  • OLIA NOVITSKAYA (Chief Operating Officer)
  • NICK KRASH (Chief Blockchain Technology Officer)

If you want to know all of the elements of the team you can find it at this link: https://sidusheroes.com/team





Sidus Token Economics


Is SIDUS HEROES the next 10X?

Sidus Heroes will for sure be 10x in 2022. Sidus Heroes has a great team behind them and already has one of the best demos out there in terms of “play-to-earn” blockchain gaming. You can play this demo on their website which I will leave the link to at the end of the post. Sidus at the moment of this post has a market cap of 48 million dollars which represents a huge opportunity to make a 10x in 2022. At this market cap, Sidus only has to reach a 480 million market cap for our investment to return 10 times our money, this will be easily done once the market returns to the bull market. We got lucky because this project launched at the beginning of December when everything went down so this project still didn’t have the opportunity to get into a good market. Once again for a 10x we only need a 480 million market cap, projects worst than this one got market caps higher so once the time is right, this project will fly. I think during 2022 Sidus Heroes will be 15x our money. I strongly advise you to do some research about this project because this is one of the best opportunities this year. I will leave all the links you will need to research at the end of the post. I wish you the best of luck and good investments!!!

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sidus-heroes-sidus-token/

Sidus Website: https://sidusheroes.com

Sidus Documents: https://sidusheroes.com/documents

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