Best Trading Journals – 5 Best Choices for Traders

Keeping an account in your trading history helps you track trade performance and improves your earnings. In exchange-traded journals, you can see patterns of successful trading. This guide will explain what a good trading journal is for and highlight the five best trading journals for 2023.


What is a trading journal?

The first step as a trader should be developing a solid and robust trading strategy. Like everything in life you want to find where are your weak spots and bring them to light to fix them. In trading, you can apply the same principle thats where trading journals enter.

You have to treat trading as a business that it is. You have to track everything to know where your flaws are and how to fix them and then you will be able to improve your trading skills.

I can tell you from my own experience that journaling and backtesting are major break troughs for your trading skills, they will sharpen your trading strategies and improve your overall performance.

For me it was groundbreaking and only after I started backtesting and having a trading journal I became profitable and was able to pass the Prop trading firm’s challenges and leverage my way through the financial markets.

I understood which time frames were better for my strategy and what trading sessions provided me with a higher win rate, all of this by collecting data with my trading journal. Having a trading journal and backtest regularly might be the thing that differentiates amateurs from pros.


What to look for in your trading Journal?

Like everything in life, starting it will be hard and you might fail to be consistent with your trading journal, but creating these habits will be essential for your trading career.

I had two tricks that helped me implement my trading journal, first, I only placed the trade when I already had all the information in the trading journal.

The second trick I did when I didn’t feel like doing it was thinking in a 3 months time frame and how important this would be for my development as a trader and my trading edge. Like, I said before, you need to look at trading as a serious business you must be willing to do whatever it takes.


You should look for software that has at least these two qualities.

It must have some tool to import your trades from the broker, as manually inputting all of your trades is very time-consuming and you are already one step further to failing the quest that it is maintaining your journal.

It should provide some type of data analysis, for you to know what is wrong with your strategy or at least what you can improve on.


Tips to implement trading journals

If you are serious about implementing an online trading journal I would suggest you to pick a paid journaling software instead of a free plan it doesn’t need or should be an expensive program, it should be a paid cheap trading journal.

It is important to pay for a service like this because you will feel the need to follow through with it since you already paid for the software. Once again, there is no reason to be an expensive software there are plenty of cheap and good alternatives.

I will present you with a list of the best trading journal software.


Best Trading journals

  • TraderVue
  • TraderSync
  • Kinfo Social Trader
  • ChartLog
  • AntSignals


1) TraderVue




TradeVue is a modern downloadable trading journal software, cloud-based solution for managing trading operations. The platform was designed from the ground up to support traders, brokers, and asset managers in their daily workflows. TradeVue’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to access market data, analyze trades, monitor portfolios, and make smarter decisions.

With its powerful analytics tools and comprehensive journaling features, TradeVue provides traders with an edge to maximize their trading performance. The platform helps users track investments in real time and identify trade patterns, enabling them to make sound decisions and stay ahead of the competition. By offering a complete package of tools for managing trading operations, TradeVue is a must-have tool for, any serious trader.

TradeVue’s robust trading journal functionality helps users keep a detailed record of all their transactions, allowing them to analyze and review their performance over time. With TradeVue’s library of customizable reports and insightful visualizations, traders can easily identify trends in their trading history and gain a better understanding of their trading results.

Overall, TradeVue is an all-in-one solution for managing trading operations and gaining a competitive edge in the market. With its suite of powerful analytics tools, comprehensive journaling features, and customizable reporting capabilities, TradeVue provides traders with the ability to track investments in real time.


What are Tradevue price points?

Tradevue offers several pricing plans that are tailored to the needs of individual traders. Prices start at $19 per month for the Basic plan and go up to $99 for the Pro plan. All plans offer unlimited access to the TradeVue platform and comprehensive journals, as well as real-time market data analysis, customizable reports, and more.

Users also have the option to purchase additional features such as advanced analytics and backtesting with AI-driven trading insights. In addition, TradeVue offers volume discounts for businesses and organizations that need multiple licenses.


2) TraderSync



TraderSync provides a secure and efficient way to manage online trading transactions. The platform also offers integrated portfolio management tools, such as real-time portfolio monitoring, risk management, and alert notifications.

TraderSync is the very first trading journal and trade history platform, allowing traders to track their trade data and analyze their performance. In addition to that, its advanced analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into trade activity, giving traders a better understanding of how their trades are performing. With TraderSync, traders can make more informed decisions about their trading strategies.


TraderSync Features?

TraderSync is packed with features that make trading easier and smarter. These include trade execution, trade alerts, trade history and performance analytics, trade tracking, and integration with other brokerages or trading platforms. TraderSync also provides comprehensive reports that give traders a clear picture of their performance over time. The platform includes a powerful backtesting tool to help traders simulate trade scenarios and determine the best trade strategies for their portfolios. It also provides customizable trade ideas, allowing traders to quickly identify potential opportunities in the market.


TraderSync Price Point?

TraderSync offers a variety of plans to suit every trader’s needs. The Basic package starts at $4.99 per month, and the Pro package is available for $14.99 per month. TraderSync also offers an Elite plan for traders requiring more advanced trade analysis features.

Overall, TraderSync is a powerful trade history and trade data platform, providing traders with the tools they need to make smarter trade decisions. With its advanced analytics dashboard and trade alerts, it’s the perfect tool for any serious trader looking to maximize their trading profits and minimize risk. For those who want access to the very first.


3) Kinfo Social Trader



Kinfo Social Trader is an online platform designed to provide users with a full range of investment options. The goal is to help them make informed trading decisions based on market data and expert advice. Through the platform, users can access real-time stock quotes, analyze performance history and track their portfolios. With Kinfo, investors can easily monitor news

Kinfo Social Trader features?

A variety of tools to help users maximize their return on investment. Investors can set up automatic alerts for when certain stock prices reach their desired levels, as well as create custom portfolios based on their individual financial goals.

The platform also provides access to detailed insights into the performance of various stocks and securities, enabling traders to make informed decisions about which investments to pursue. Additionally, Kinfo Social Trader offers advanced charting tools and risk analysis models to help users understand their investment strategy.

Finally, the platform features a comprehensive educational library that provides tutorials and articles on investing topics. This helps beginner investors acquire the knowledge they need to confidently navigate the stock market.


Kinfo Social trader Price Point?

Kinfo Social Trader has two subscription tiers: Starter and Premium. The Starter plan costs $6.99 per month and provides unlimited access to stock quotes, portfolio analysis, and educational material. Users of the Premium plan pay a monthly fee of $19.99 per month, which grants them access to additional features such as advanced charting tools, real-time market data, and risk analysis. Both plans offer a free 14-day trial period to allow users to test the platform before committing to an ongoing subscription.


4) ChartLog



Chartlog helps to keep a record of trade history and trade data. It provides an easily accessible trading journal that allows users to store, view, and analyze trade information from any location.

Chartlog stores trade journals in its secure cloud-based platform, giving customers peace of mind knowing their trade data is safe and secure. It also offers powerful analytics tools to help users identify trade trends, improve trade timing and maximize trade profits.

Chartlog is the perfect tool for traders looking to gain insight into their trade performance and stay up-to-date with global trade trends. With Chartlog, you can keep your trade history organized and make more informed trading decisions.


Chartlog features?

A trading journal that records trade data and trade history, powerful analytics tools to identify trade trends, secure cloud-based platform for trade data storage, the ability to access trade information from any location.

Chartlog is a great tool for helping traders of all skill levels keep track of their trade performance and gain insight into global trade trends. With the help of Chartlog, you can make more informed trading decisions and maximize your profits.


ChartLog Price Point?

Chartlog offers a free version as well as premium subscription options for traders who wish to take advantage of the advanced features. The free trading journal version allows users to store up to 5 trading journals and access basic analytics tools, while the premium subscriptions start at $9.99/month and offer unlimited trading journal storage and access to more advanced analytics tools.


5) AntSignals



AntSignals is an analysis tool designed to help traders track their performance and identify areas of improvement. It provides a comprehensive set of analysis tools to quickly evaluate trading performance, such as charts, graphs, and trade journal entries. The trade journal allows users to record each entry and exit with ease, enabling them to take stock of theirs. performance over time.

Furthermore, AntSignals also provides a spreadsheet trading journal that allows traders to store their trades in an organized and easily accessible manner. This feature allows them to review trades from different angles, compare performance against other traders and track overall progress.


AntSignals features?

A range of market data and analytics tools, including price action analysis, sentiment indicators, risk management tools, and more. It also offers a variety of customization options to cater to different styles of trading. By utilizing these features and customizing their strategies accordingly, traders can optimize their performance with greater precision and accuracy.

Furthermore, AntSignals provides educational resources for beginners and experienced traders, including webinars, tutorial videos, and eBooks. All of these resources help traders become more familiar with the platform and hone their trading skills.

Finally, AntSignals also offers a wide range of customer support services to ensure that its users have all the assistance they need.


AntSignals Price Point?

AntSignals offers a free version of its software that includes basic features and analysis tools. A premium subscription is available which provides additional services.

The cost of the premium subscription varies depending on the user’s trading needs, but generally, prices range from $9.99 to $49.99 monthly or an annual fee of up to $499.



In conclusion, trading journals are a powerful tool for traders of all experience levels. They can help you better manage your trades, track your performance over time and gain valuable insights into the markets.

By keeping an accurate record of their trades, traders can identify patterns and identify areas where they need to improve. Additionally, by analyzing their past trading decisions, traders can develop better strategies and take a more disciplined approach to their trading. Ultimately, by keeping a detailed trading journal, traders can become more successful in their trading endeavors.



What makes a good trading journal?

In your very first trading journals you should include trading data that is relevant to your trading decisions. This data could range from technical analysis indicators, trading platform performance metrics, or any other type of trading information.

Keeping a trading journal also allows you to track and analyze trading patterns and identify weak points in your strategies over time. This helps ensure your strategies are constantly improving and helps you stay ahead of the market. Additionally, trading journals are beneficial for keeping track of trading opportunities and trading decisions made throughout the trading day, which can help inform future trading decisions.


Why is important to keep a trading journal?

A trading journal is an essential tool that records trading data and trading activity. It helps traders to monitor their trades and make informed decisions based on factual evidence instead of emotions. A trading journal also enables traders to backtest strategies, analyze trading mistakes, identify areas for improvement, and track overall results. Having a trading journal can also provide

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