In this journey we will try to do the FTMO challenge for 10k. We have 30 days to do 10% profit. I will post youtube videos where I will explain more in detail the trades, while in here I will only post a photo of the trade, the date and the current state of the Journey. If you like it  be welcome to join!!

In the last challenge I coulnd’t reach the 10% so I got a new account for free. Lets get it this month. I will start risking 1% per trade and once in profit I will start risking 2%.

Couldn’t pass it, but didn’t brake any rules so I got a new account: 


Friday 11/February

Today I made some mistakes, that resulted in a day a bit negative but he keep on going. Account: 10222.91$

EUR/GBP: +53.95$


GBP/JPY: -84.52$


Thursday 10/February

It was a great start to the challenge, as I said only risking 1%  at the start. Now we just have to keep on going. Account: 10257.33$

EUR/JPY: +152.64$


XAU/USD: +106.32$

This trade I couldn’t take it all the way so I exit 2 minutes before major news come out. It would have reached my Tp but I didnt want to risk it. Still 1% profit.